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<strong><u>SPEEDSTREAM.TV manufactures and sells Wearable iptv Communication Systems</u></strong><br />
Broadcast from anywhere in the world with our Microsoft SilverLight video player. Our systems are: Affordable, Mobile, Efficient, Live Broadcast Equipment using disruptive licensable IPTV Technology. ?Dynamic uplink connects via3G, 4G, LAN, WiMAX, LTE)and SAT with rugged, reliable and scalable equipment.</p>
SPEEDSTREAM.TV&rsquo;s iptv communication systems connect with proprietary technology to channel operator&rsquo;s websites (YourSite.com) and offer premium remote service and support packages.</p>
<strong>SPEEDSTREAM.TV SOLUTIONS:</strong><br />
1)? Generate multimedia content without the need for IT staff<br />
2) Ability to dynamically switch between user generated content (scheduled programming) to live remote events within ???social network environments, anywhere on the planet<br />
3)? Uses same codec as Netflix.com (VC1, 8 yrs of dev. by Microsoft)<br />
4) Use for traditional TV/ Radio broadcast or Internet distribution without modification (live to air)<br />
5)? Share on Social Networks or use Private Secure Feeds<br />
6) Reach targeted audiences when people can&rsquo;t make it to an event<br />
7) Catalyst and Eagle Eye Kits solve the &ldquo;Last Mile&rdquo; issue</p>
<strong>SPEEDSTREAM.TV FEATURES:</strong><br />
Dedicated IPTV Channel URL<br />
Permanent Channel Number<br />
Operator Status<br />
Public/Private Viewing/ Transmitting<br />
24/7/365 Viewing/ Programming</p>
<strong>SPEEDSTREAM.TV? PRODUCTS:</strong><br />
<strong>STARTER KIT</strong> - Live Internet Broadcast to Any Network to YourSite.com? ( LAN, WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE)<br />
<strong>HERO KIT</strong> &ndash; Number 1 plus Battery & Charger, Extra Wireless Boosters, WiPIPE Cradlepoint, Wireless Router with Expandable Antenna.<br />
<strong>CATALYST KIT</strong> &ndash; Number 2 plus Additional Support for BGAN SATELLITE UPLINK Additional Wireless Canopy Network capable of transmitting 1-3 miles.<br />
<strong>EAGLE EYE KIT</strong> &ndash; Number 3 plus BGAN SAT UPLINK Additional Wireless Canopy Network capable of transmitting 1-12 miles, Telescopic Mast Pole. Avg. 80 Feet.</p>
Additional Service and Support Packages are available starting at $99 and up a month depending on individual needs and operational scenario<em>.</em></p>
<a href="mailto:Sales@SPEEDSTREAM.TV">Sales@SPEEDSTREAM.TV</a>Twitter: @SPEEDSTREAMTV Facebook: SPEEDSTREM.TV Phone: 347.iptv365</p>
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