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Master Control is My TVK
TV on the Internet

Master Control Room Account

It’s a Playlist Management System
for TVKNOB Called Master
Control Room

You will have access
to secure site  
Login and manage
Uploads and Playlists. 

* Playlist Management Systems
* Account Login
* Uplink Connector Ready
* Uploaders – Feature Video,
* Auto Playlist Builder
* Large Files Uploader
* Convertors & Tools
* Admin Partner Support (MYFNOW!)
* Social Media & Search Push (IPTVX)
* Partner Network (IPTVX)
* DNS - Domain Name Services
* Channel Control (MTFNOW!)
* CDN/HCDN Storage & DNS
* More Public/Private
Channel URLs
* Self Hosted where
Admin Partner Configures


Starts at $10.00 a month



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Your Content Under Your Control.

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Our Hybrid-CDN delivers your audio/video independent of Censorship.

We think the Television Knob was the Ultimate Interface for Watching TV!

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What was the TV Knob? | How did it work? | How it works Online?

User generated content and programming of channels.

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Our Channel System guarantees that you own and control your own content.

Our Hybrid-CDN delivers your audio/video independent of Censorship.
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